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Tell us about your Enrichment Adventures last week!

by Bethy Walters -

Please fill out our Enrichment Adventures survey to let us know about your experiences and help us plan for the future.


KBMS Adventures: 

Denver Public Library, Nexplore, New Cottage Arts, Denver Water, Dumb Friends League, Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge, Denver Fire, Clyfford Still, Butterfly Pavilion, Science Center, Playground Ensemble, Pop Culture Classroom,  Haudenossaunne Nation, NOMA, Dynatrace, DPD Forensics, USGS, Special Olympics and Los Mocochetes

GBMS Adventures: 

Denver Public Library, Nexplore, Fire + Root Collective, New Cottage Arts, USGS, DPD Forensic Scientists, Dynatrace, Clyfford Still, Los Mocachetes, Denver Water, Dumb Friends League, Denver Fire, Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge, Butterfly Pavilion, Science Center,  and Carter Hulsey/Funding the Future

Grant Beacon - Survey about Carter Hulsey Concert

by Bethy Walters -

Hey GBMS students! If you attended the Funding the Future concert on Wednesday for your Enrichment Adventure and watched Carter Hulsey and his band perform, they would love some feedback from you. Here is a survey you can complete if you wish! 

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